Soft Plyobox 3-in-1

Gymstick Soft Plyobox is the perfect tool for training your agility and explosiveness at home or at the gym. Durable and steady wooden box is covered with soft padding and a pleasent fabric. The padding makes the box safer to use than traditional wood-only plyoboxes, especially if you fall during a jump. Height of the box is easily changable by simply flipping the box, and the sides are clearly marked for the height.

Technical information

  • SKU 61091
  • EAN 6430062514711
  • Size (cm) 50 x 60 x 75
  • Weight (kg) 19

Additional information

  • Max. Load (kg) 300

Product package

  • Package (cm) 51 x 61 x 76
  • Package (kg) 20