Power Sled Pro

Push it, Pull it to maximize your speed and strength workout. The super solid steel frame of the Power Sled Pro can have weight plates added to increase load to challenge training even further. Interchangeable pushing bars allows quick and easy direction change. Simple and brutal training tool that builds leg and core power.
ユ Material: Steel
ユ Size: 120 cm (L) x 60 cm (W) x 115,5cm (H) / 25
kg (weight plates not included)
ユ Height of the weight plate tube: 45cm
ユ Color: Black

Technical information

  • SKU 61125
  • EAN 6430016909471
  • Size (cm) 60 x 120 x 115,5
  • Weight (kg) 25
  • Materials Steel

Product package

  • Package (cm) 120 x 61 x 16
  • Package (kg) 26