Gymstick Multi Smith PRO20.0 is an extremely comprehensive workout station for home use and semi-commercial facilities. The station combines a smith machine, a squat stand and a cable station all in one. Broad set of accessories and cable handles for truly versatile workouts.

Multi Smith PRO20.0 features two 100 kg weight stacks for its adjustable cable pulleys. It also has adjustable J-cups and spotter arms for free weight barbell movements. The main attraction however, is the ultra-smooth smith machine in the middle. Some other features include adjustable dip handles, barbell landmine, multi-grip pull-up bar, low row foot plate and so on. Back of the machine has multiple weight plate holders and a barbell holder.

• Weight stacks 2 x 100 kg
• Ultra-smooth smith machine
• Adjustable pulleys
• J-Cups / Spotter Arms / Dip Handles
• Low row foot plate / Barbell landmine
• Multi-grip pull-up bar / Knee support
• 4 x Plate holders / 1 x Barbell holder
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