Master Trainers

Gymstick products are innovative and highly adaptable tools, such that it also requires Master Trainers to be of a similar standard. We are always looking for Master Trainers that not only deliver exceptional education and represents the brand with professionalism and pride, but also inspires trainers and instructors to use the Gymstick to improve the health and wellbeing of those they work with.
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Master Trainer Events

Each year, a Master Trainer Bootcamp is conducted in Finland for new master trainers. The 5 day education delivers an extensive and intensive training on how to use the Gymstick Original and how to deliver education for both Muscle (group format) and Personal Training. Presenting skills are also taught and how to maximise the effectiveness of the delivery, which will have an overall effect on other educations that the Master Trainers wishes to deliver in the future.

Post Bootcamp, there is a Master Trainer Update which is delivered every two years to provide new Master Trainers with additional skills and programs that they can deliver in their own countries.

International Master Trainers

Gymstick education has developed over the past 12 years and now offers 7 educations that demonstrate the unique exercise potential that the Gymstick Original, Gymstick Aqua, Gymstick H.I.T., Fitnessbag and Powerslider tools can offer. To ensure a successful launch of Gymstick in every country, education is a key part of the process. This education must be delivered by Master Trainers that completely understand and appreciate these tools and have had several years of experience with delivering both presentations and Gymstick workouts. (deleted text here) Gymstick International recommends that launching any new tools, that the education to be initially conducted by our International Gymstick Master Trainers. These trainers have extensive presenting skills and experience in Gymstick as well as other areas within the fitness industry.

Marietta Mehanni

• Gymstick Education Coordinator
• International Gymstick Master Trainer
• Workshop presenter and educator
• Australian Fitness Network Ambassador
• Pelvic Floor First Ambassador

Marietta Mehanni is an award winning Australian presenter with over 25 years of teaching experience in both land and water based group exercise. Marietta presents regularly at prestigious fitness conventions both in Australia and many countries around the world, on group fitness trends and programs. She is the international Master Trainer and Education Coordinator for Gymstick International Oy, developing numerous education programs for instructors, as well as refining and delivering the education for all Gymstick master trainers around the world.

Marietta is a proud ambassador for the Continence Foundation of Australia and has been working closely with established women’s health physiotherapists to spread the word regarding the truth about core and the importance of pelvic floor. She travels across the globe educating both instructors and fitness enthusiasts about what the core really is and how to exercise with appropriate consideration of the pelvic floor muscles.

Marietta is an advisor to and advocate for Classcast. An exciting platform offering instructors easy access to choreography, exercises amd music. Gymstick Online was the pilot program and now serves hundreds of qualified Gymstick instructors around the world. A great step forward with technology, which provides a simple solution to all your class creation needs.

With many successful years of presenting in the fitness industry, Marietta has created a course for aspiring presenters offering them an opportunity to gain skills that will not only prepare them for presenting, but also help with personal development.
A highly respected program coordinator for 7 various health and fitness clubs, Marietta has been featured in the Australian media for both group fitness and aqua aerobics, Marietta is considered to be an expert in instructor training and education.

 Sanna Kasurinen

• Degree in Physical Education
• Degree in Nutrition and Diatetics
• Personal Trainer
• Gymstick International Master Trainer
• Video presenter
• ChiBall Trainer
• Zumba Zin member
• Yoga teacher
• Kettlebell teacher
• Lecturer and presenter
• International Judge

With over 20 years experience, Sanna has established herself as one of Finland’s most highly respected and sought after Fitness presenters.
After graduating from the Sports Institute of Finland, Sanna went on to complete qualifications in a multitude of disciplines including Aqua, Chiball, Climbing, Boxing, Step and a number of other instructor educations.
Specialising in Diatetics and Nutrition, Sanna has published books, presented lectures and was featured as a guest expert for ABC television on the topic.

Her expertise in Nordic walking and Nordic blading gave her the opportunity to develop the now hugely successful and award winning Gymstick fitness tool. Gymstick now has a presence in over 45 countries worldwide and Sanna was key to creating the group fitness element known as Gymstick Muscle. Sanna has presented in over 100 fitness videos for various fitness formats showcasing a variety of equipment and exercise options.

Sanna is a full time employee of Gymstick and she delivers fitness, sporting and corporate wellness programs for companies like Finnair, Elisa and Diacor. Her role involves developing programs and training fitness instructors and personal trainers that provide wellness formats to hundreds of employees around the country. Also she leads Gymstick promotion team which handles all in-store, exhibition and shopping mall promotion shows in Finland. Sanna travels all over the world to establish, deliver and develop Gymstick Education in her role as International Master Trainer.

Patricia Soave

• Wellness Attitude CEO
• Vertigo Diffusion program Director
• Personal Trainer
• Fitness Professor at the Sports Department of the University of Lausanne, Switzerland
• Gymstick International Master Trainer
• Flowin Master Trainer
• Fitboxe Master Trainer
• ChiBall Trainer
• Lecturer
• International Judge

Patricia first started her career as a dancer and Choreographer, obtaining her diploma to teach ballet-jazz and taught Jazz-Funk and Hip-Hop for 15 years at the conservatory in Geneva.She has dedicated the last 20 years to becoming a professional in the field of health and fitness.
She is a certified Consultant and Certification Specialist AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America), an organization which includes more than 100,000 certified professionals in the world. She has been studying many aspects of fitness and health in the USA, and get certified in Step, Fitbox and Personal Training.

In 1993 she created a specific course for the Sports Department at the University of Lausanne and the EPFL, which has welcomed and trained more than 1,500 professionals in the field (Fitness, Aerobic, Bodysculpt, Hip-Hop, etc). She continues to manage this course which has now reached recognition in the Fitness world.
She also offers group courses and training programs to students at Masters’ level and students enrolled in Sports Science Degree programs.
In 1995 Patricia created the Kangorobic Concept which allowed her to train teachers in Singapore and the US.

From 1997 Patricia has been the Program Director at Vertigo Diffusion Sàrl, a company which organizes Events and Training Programs in the field of fitness. Patricia is also an expert in the use of the GYMSTICK and from 2010 is part of the Team of international MasterTrainers. She is also an instructor in BodyMind disciplines including Yoga, Qi Gong, Pilates, Feldenkreis and from 2002 has added ChiBall to her range of competencies.

As a Guest Speaker in International Conventions she has given courses and trained people in more than 20 countries including the US, Asia, Middle East and Europe. In 1998 Patricia created the Swiss Hip Hop competition in groups which she keeps organizing with more than 450 contestants each year. She is regularly invited as a judge in international competitions in Europe. In 2006,2007 and 2010 she judged the world championships in Los Angeles and Las VEGAS. She is a Health coach, Wellness Programs Coordinator at IMD (Business school), Lausanne and Certified Personal Trainer for all ages, from 15 to 75!

Patricia is charismatic, passionate and above all multitalented!