Half-Power Rack

High quality free standing half-rack is sold with a pair of j-hooks, spotting arms, barbell holder and weight storage pins. Spotting arms will give the confidence to push further without the worry of damage or injury. Almost infinite flexibility and safety with 20 easy to adjust bar catch position. Power band resistance bars and multi-grip chin up bar gives even further possibilities for various training. Includes also closed hook for boxing bag or sling trainer.

- J-hooks and spotting arms for various barbell exercises
- Multi-grip chin up station
- Closed hook for boxing bag or sling trainer
- Power band resistance bars
- Weight plate storage pegs and barbell holder weight stack cover
- Adjustable seat, Adjustable pec/arm press

Technical information

  • EAN 6430016908115
  • Size (cm) 124 x 165 x 228
  • Weight (kg) 56
  • Materials Steel and Rubber

Additional information

  • Max. User (kg) 200
  • Max. Load (kg) 350
  • Includes Assembly instruction and Parts

Product package

  • Package (cm) 217 x 19,5 x 7
  • Package (kg) 23,5
  • 2. Package (cm) 128 x 38 x 17
  • 2. Package (kg) 35