Gymstick – The most well-known fitness equipment brand in Finland

Besides the name of the company, Gymstick is also a brand of fitness equipment. As a brand, Gymstick is well-known and successful. People trust it because of the fact, that the company is Nordic, and the products have good quality-price ratio.

Gymstick has a wide range of fitness products for home use, to beginners and enthusiasts, to athletes and professionals. There are products which are perfect for the needs of gyms, fitness centers, companies, coaching, sport institutes, rehabilitation clinics and physiotherapy centers. In our selection you can find both small fitness equipment, tools and accessories and bigger fitness equipment, machines, benches and racks. In addition, we have products for wellness and recovery.

Because of innovativeness Gymstick brand has spread all over the world. Products are sold in 6 continents in over 45 countries. Domestically, Gymstick products are sold almost in every sporting goods store, department store and online store.

At first, Gymstick gained a lot of popularity and success by inventing the “Gymstick Original”, a fiberglass stick with two rubber tubings with foot straps at each end. Since then, we have increased the focus on core and stability as well as functional training, aiming at activating the muscles of the whole body simultaneously, efficiently and safely. Because of this our product development team has brought other successful advanced products to the market, like Gymstick H.I.T., Gymstick Aqua, Fitness Bag and Powerslider. Gymstick’s product range now covers hundreds of different fitness equipment, so that we can respond to all basic needs of the people who live active lifestyle.