Gymstick H.I.T - Group fitness program

This product combines best qualities of other functional products in one. Gymstick H.I.T. is designed for high intensity and performance training, which challenges you in all three planes of motion.
H.I.T. utilizes a lever bar and resistance bands to provide a unique mix of rotation, core stability, control, power, strength, mobility, cardio conditioning and balance.
Product can be used traditional way attaching the loops to your feet but also it can be used attaching the resistance band or bands to a wall anchor with carabineer.

    Trios are an exclusive format to Gymstick group fitness formats. It involves three functional movement patterns that progressively increase in challenge, performed for 30 seconds.
    Gymstick Original not only provides a wide variety of muscle conditioning exercises, the exercises also improve balance, coordination, core activation, joint stability and postural awareness.
    Gymstick Online is an app on your mobile device that allows you access to workouts and music so that you can teach anywhere and anytime.