Fitrocks Roller

The handmade Fitrocks began their journey 600 million years ago when the lava began to bubble up deep beneath the earth's crust to create mountains. Numerous ice ages shaped and carved the mountains to create chunks of rock which then were shaped by sand and water to create these beautiful Fitrocks.

Fitrocks roller combines Finnish birch and natural hemp which are hand grafted from best materials available. Each Fitrock is manually handled in Finland through the entire production process to ensure a high level of quality workmanship.

With Fitrocks roller you can perform a complete core stabilization session or take care of your joints and spine by self-mobilization anywhere you go. Roller can also be used for myofascial treatments for better mobility and muscle condition. Wooden center makes the roller to keep it's shape very good even with hard pressure but the hemp rope makes the surface just enough soft for comfortable feeling.

Technical information

  • SKU 50006
  • EAN 6430016909006
  • Size (cm) 35 x 9 x 9
  • Weight (kg) 1,145
  • Materials Birch and Hemp Rope

Additional information

  • Note Size and weight is an estimation. Size and weight will vary because of the nature of the material

Product package

  • Package (cm) 37 x 9,5 x 9,5
  • Package (kg) 1,35

Wholesale package

  • Wholesale package type Brown Carton