Emotion Spider Tubes

The Gymstick Emotion Spider Tubes Elastic Band is a versatile exercise tool. The product is easy to use and suitable for all home fitness enthusiasts. Four handles allow for varied exercises on the hands and feet. The resistance bands is a versatile fitness equipment that not only exercises muscles such as the latissimus dorsi of the chest muscles, but also exercises the muscles on the thighs of the arms and legs. The function is very extensive. A design is a perfect tool set for stretching, muscles toning, yoga, weight lifting, home gym, and physical therapy. Durable, tough, and great for strengthen your legs, arms, glutes, shoulder, and hips with no fear of tearing or snapping.

Technical information

  • SKU 61309
  • EAN 6430062513578
  • Size (cm) 55 x 55 x 2,7
  • Weight (kg) 0,17
  • Materials TPR

Additional information

  • Includes Exercise instructions