Emotion Body Ball 65cm (white)

Emotion - Body Ball is a stylish training tool for versatile fitness training for home users. The effectiveness of ball exercise is based on the fact that working in unstable ground activates more muscles. Training develops muscle strength and balance and body control on the whole body area. The ball allows you to make a wide range of exercises on adding mobility of the spine. The ball can also be used as a seat, which improves mid-body posture and prevents back pain. Available in 65cm and 75cm.

Technical information

  • SKU 61302
  • EAN 6430016904940
  • Size (cm) 65 x 65 x 65
  • Weight (kg) 0,955
  • Color White
  • Materials PVC

Additional information

  • Includes Exercise chart and pump

Product package

  • Package (cm) 25,5 x 25 x 10
  • Package (kg) 1,22

Wholesale package

  • Wholesale package type Brown Carton
  • Wholesale package (cm) 63 x 52 x 26
  • Wholesale package (kg) 13
  • Wholesale package (pcs) 12