Crosstraining Cage

Very sturdy and durable Crosstraining Cage is designed for professional level. The rack is manufactured in Finland and it provides a comprehensive framework for effective training. High-quality rack is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and it can be painted in factory colors of your choice. Also, combining several cages together is possible.

The rack has wall bars, removable and height adjustable pull-up bar and dip bars. In addition, the rack has 2 monkey bars which makes training possibilities even more versatile. By fixing a 50mm barbell to the corner of the cage, you can make a powerful rotational and lifting exercises. Removable and height-adjustable barbell brackets makes squats or bench presses possible by using a separately purchased bench or bar. Battle rope and Boxing bag can be attached to their brackets.

Several different training tools can be attached to the Cage. Gymnastic rings, functional trainers. Power Bands, Ab Straps and many other functional training tools according to your needs. More than one person can work out at the Crosstraining cage at the same time.

Frame (4 x legs + 2 side beams), Size: 160cm (L) x 115cm (W) x 240cm (H)
Monkeybar x 2
Rotational trainer (Barbell swivel)
Chin up bar (Detachable and Height adjustable)
Dip bars (Detachable and Height adjustable)
Jointed Carbines x 4
Barbell holders (Detachable and Height adjustable)
Battle rope mount
Boxing bag mount

Technical information

  • EAN 6430016908450
  • Size (cm) 230 x 210 x 240
  • Weight (kg) 220
  • Materials Steel

Additional information

  • Max. Load (kg) 600
  • Includes Assembly instruction and Parts