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Gymstick – Innovative fitness equipment professional since 2003
Gymstick International is a fitness equipment company, founded in 2003. It all started with an innovative idea of a unique fitness tool, ”Gymstick”. After the innovation the company has grown fast. Our business is based on providing high quality fitness and sports equipment and on an ambition to help the users of our products to train in a holistic and efficient way. Today we manufacture, represent and sell gym and fitness equipment all over the world. Gymstick is a leading fitness brand in Finland and we distribute to over 45 countries, in six continents, through thousands of resellers.

Our headquarters is located in Lahti, Finland. The facilities are 700 m², of which over 300 m² is wide space for negotiations and product display. We also have a branch office in Helsinki. The central warehouse of 3000 m² and more than 159 000 stored products is located in Nastola, which is also one of the biggest fitness equipment warehouse in Finland. Together with a professional customer service it guarantees fast and flexible deliveries to customers.

Gymstick fitness equipment meet all needs

Gymstick offers a wide range of fitness equipment and accessories that includes over 1000 products for home training, professional athletes, coaching, fitness centers, companies, organizations, rehabilitation and physiotherapy. We have high quality fitness products and tools for people in any age or fitness level. There are also sport specific equipment and tools for recovery and wellness in our product selection.
In addition to Gymstick products, FightBack and Fitrocks brands are also part of our product range. Furthermore, we represent a number of high quality international brands, like Bosu, Backjoy, WaterRower, Pure2Improve, Phantom Athletics. Livepro, Sportdoc and Slider Dynamic, in our domestic market in Finland. Thanks to the import, we can offer even better and more comprehensive service to our customers. We also cooperate with Finnish sport equipment manufacturers. We have tested and selected the products ourselves in order to meet our quality requirements. That way we can proudly offer these functional, effective and safe products also to our customers.

There are many reasons and advantages to choose Gymstick fitness equipment and accessories. We have a wide selection of products of a good quality-price ratio, great customer service, big domestic warehouse and product specific training videos and group fitness programs that support training and individual goals. Our customer base consists of a wide retail and wholesale network in Finland as well as abroad. Our products are sold by big department stores, sporting goods stores, online stores, pharmacies and rehabilitation and physiotherapy centers. Professional equipment is sold to companies, fitness centers, gyms, schools and sport clubs and institutes.

Passion for fitness

Our objective is to act as an innovative fitness equipment manufacturer that motivates people to be physically active and inspire them for healthy living. Our business is based on innovativeness, reliability, high quality and customer-oriented approach. We value continuous personal development and maintaining professional skills. We are constantly searching for trends and bringing new ideas to the markets. Our values and passion for exercise and fitness are reflected in our business. We have common goals with our customers: to live a holistic healthy lifestyle, find various and simple ways to move and train efficiently and improve performance.

The number of employees in Finland is around 20, in addition to which we have a huge number of instructors, coaches, personal trainers and promoters all over the country. We have more than 150 years of experience in the field of sport and health sciences. We have many collaborators and wide network of experts. We maintain the knowledge and professional skills of our employees and invest in well-being at work as we see the staff the most valuable asset of the company.

Innovativeness took business abroad

Our story began by two sport professionals, Risto Kasurinen and Miika Vesalainen, and their interest in fitness. They developed the “Gymstick Original”, a fibreglass stick with two rubber tubings with foot straps at each end. It became a huge success, so the idea extended to a group fitness concept, that is well-known in many countries globally. Before that the company concentrated on coaching, instructing, fitness testing and organizing events, but the strong expertise in the sport field created a solid ground for an innovative fitness equipment manufacturing.

The first innovation, Gymstick Original, was created in 2003. The fitness tool gained a lot of popularity due to its versatile, simple and efficient exercise possibilities. The investments in product development, especially in the first few years, brought other new innovations to the market. The Gymstick product family consists of Gymstick HIT, Gymstick Aqua, Fitnessbag, Powerslider, Powerwheelz, Chair Gym and Crankbike X4. The Gymstick product range of fitness and sports equipment and accessories includes over 400 products. The group fitness concepts and training videos and programs meet the needs of different target groups and bring versatility to training.

The domestic success has helped us to grow and extend our business abroad. The group fitness concepts interest a large number of fitness centers and we have partners in several countries. Gymstick Muscle classes have been held in South Africa, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Russia, Switzerland, England and Brazil. The brand recognition has grown year by year, significantly boosting the sales. According to our aim, we have evolved to an all-around fitness equipment professional during the years.

Gymstick Liikuntapalvelut improving well-being at work

To guarantee the best possible service to our customers, we still offer fitness and workplace well-being services. In 2007 this service section was separated from Gymstick International and it became a separate company called Gymstick Liikuntapalvelut. The company is a provider of well-being and fitness services to companies and organizations. The office is located in Helsinki.

The main goal of Gymstick Liikuntapalvelut is to help companies to improve employee productivity and work ability by promoting overall health and well-being of the employees. The idea is to support people in all life situations to achieve long-term personal goals and healthier lifestyle. By investing in well-being at work services the competitiveness and the reputation of the company improve at the same time as the personnel feels better. In practice that is accomplished by providing group fitness classes, break exercise, coaching and training programs, work well-being projects, campaigns, fitness testing, health surveys, recreational activities, lectures, workshops, courses and other professional services.
In addition, Gymstick Liikuntapalvelut provides education and workshops for professionals to deepen their knowledge and know-how regarding special themes in the field of sport and health. It also arranges training on group fitness concepts (Gymstick Muscle, HIT, FitnessBag, Power Slider, MAX) and on how to use Gymstick fitness equipment.

Treenikauppa – getting closer to customer

The newest part of Gymstick International is an online store, ”Treenikauppa”, that was opened in 2016. It is the biggest Finnish online-based store in fitness equipment and accessories. Our aim was to get closer to the users of our products and to be able to listen, teach and offer them versatile training supportive tools. There is a huge amount of know-how that we wish to share to our customers in order for them to train more efficiently and to achieve their goals more likely. We also get valuable feedback and ideas for development through online store. There is a wide and a high-quality range of fitness and sport equipment at Treenikauppa which have been selected carefully, the same way as the other products in our catalogs and retail stores. In addition, Treenikauppa collaborates with a few Finnish sport and fitness brands whose products are represented and available in the store as well.


 Awards & Recognition

  • Most innovative fitness product in Finland 2004. Gymstick Original was selected as the most innovative product of the province Päijät-Häme in 2004. One of the main considerations of INNO 2004 was wellbeing and the judges noted that Gymstick had found it’s way to fitness enthusiasts of all ages, athletes and healthcare (rehabilitation).
  • ISPO Brand New Awards 2005 – finalist. Gymstick participated in the Brand New Awards competition organised by ISPO Winter 2005. The panel of international judges selected Gymstick out of 158 applications from 21 countries to be one of the finalists. Much success and attention was gained through the ISPO Fair in Munich, Germany.
  • Best home fitness tool in Australia 2006 The Daily Telegraph voted the Gymstick Original the best home fitness tool for 2006. A women’s fitness and health magazine listed Gymstick in their “Your Summer Wish List” article. “One of our favourite workout tools for ’06, the Gymstick provides a diverse all over body workout”.
  • Best group fitness tool in Poland 2007 Poznan fitness Convention award
  •  Gymstick International was selected as the Strongest company in the province in 2010.