— Gymstick International is a leading fitness brand from Finland

We manufacture and distribute high-quality fitness and sports equipment for professional athletes and ordinary fitness enthusiasts, at home and in commercial gyms. We export our products to more than 45 countries, on six different continents, through thousands of resellers. Gymstick is a brand that is familiar to customers and valued in the market, born through domestic innovation. The purpose of our business is to help users train with higher intensity and ease-of-use.




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Gymstick offers one of the largest collections of fitness equipment that the industry has to offer. Our product catalog consists of over 650 unique products targeted for home training, professional athletes, coaching, fitness centers, companies, organizations, rehabilitation and physiotherapy. We test and select the products ourselves in order to meet our own quality requirements. That way we can proudly offer functional, effective and safe products to our customers. Furthermore, we represent a number of high quality international brands, so we can offer an even more comprehensive product collection to our customers.

  • Gymstick Cardio
  • Gymstick Strength
  • Gymstick Functional
  • Gymstick Fitness
  • Gymstick Recovery


In 2016, we launched an online store that focuses on providing consumers with the latest and greatest fitness equipment on the market. Gymstick as the household brand and a comprehensive collection of the best sports and fitness brands on the planet. In a few years, Treenikauppa has grown into one of the largest consumer online stores for fitness equipment in the Finnish market.

Over 3500 unique products

More than 45 sports & fitness brands

Over 250 000 orders delivered


Because of the quickly changing fitness industry, we are always improving our products and staying on top of the latest trends. We also like to keep our customers informed, and for that reason we provide our partners and customers a comprehensive product catalog at the start of every year, that shows exactly what Gymstick products you can look forward in the coming year.


Gymstick International Oy has implemented a fitness equipment e-commerce development program for the Swedish market in the period 1.4.2020-31.12.2021. Developing the e-commerce business in our company has been an important part of our company's strategy since 2017. At that time, we began to focus on online sales through our own online store, In recent years, we have taken online shopping forward in the Finnish market. Through this development, our will shifted to the opening of a new market area, the Swedish online store.

During the planning phase, we contacted the Ely Center and their experts encouraged us to promote the development work. We also had the opportunity to apply for a grant to complete the project. Gymstick International Oy has received support for this development program from the European Regional Development Fund, which has been a significant part of enabling the development program in our company.