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Gymstick Performance

New performance product range launching in September 2013. Designed for athletes and personal training. 

Congratulations - 10 year celebration!!

Gymstick is celebrating a 10 year journey that has provided the fitness industry with many innovative and exciting products. Now in over 45 countries around the world, Gymstick will continue to inspire millions of people to continue moving.

Club Operations

"As a National Manager I am always looking for unique programs that will give both members and prospects a point of difference from our competitors. The launch of Gymstick Muscle, along with incorporating Gymstick Original into other classes, has been a huge selling point for our timetables.

 I would highly recommend Gymstick Muscle to any club owner and Group Exercise Manager who wants to continually innovate their timetables, and ensure they offer programs that get results...Fast!"

Melissa Guest-Smith: National Group Fitness Manager - Goodlife Health Clubs Australia

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